The Jodie Sweetin Section of the "Full House Poster Book"
"Mommy, I want to be a model!" Those were the words spoken by three year old Jodie dancing around on a television commercial. "I can do that," Jodie told her parents. At first, Jodie's parents laughed at the idea of their daughter getting into show business. But a few months later, when Jodie appeared in a dance recital, her parents began to realize their daughter did have talent. Jodie was on stage, in costume, dancing, when suddenly, she fell down! Jodie will never forget what happened next. The audience members began to laugh. But the vivacious three year old wasn't hurt or embarrassed. In fact, she was thrilled! Once Jodie realized she could make people laugh, she began hamming it up right there on stage. "Everybody was laughing," Jodie remembers. "So, I kept messing up, trying to make them laugh more". Shortly after that, Jodie's parents had a professional photographs taken to send out to agencies. After many auditions, Jodie was asked to film a televsion commercial. From there, Jodie landed a role on the TV show Valerie. Due to the strength of ther performance on Valerie, Jodie then landed the role of the spunky Stephanie on Full Hosue. These days, Jodie is a busy girl. She divides her times between seeing her family, doing her schoolwork, playing with her dog, Lacey, and hanging out with her friends who, she says, "are not in show business."
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