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A page of Honor for Jodie Sweetin

Jodie Leanne Sweetin has the one of
the most precious faces that has ever graced the screen of any television
set in the world.

Born in Los Angeles,  CA,  on January 19th,  1982,  Jodie is an "only child,"
and she first appeared on television in
an Oscar Mayer ®  hot-dog commercial.  Jodie was quickly snatched up by Jeff Franklin Productions for a new role as "Stephanie Judith Tanner" for their television series pilot to be called:

When FULL HOUSE  was cancelled
during the spring 1995,  after eight
successful seasons,  many fans were
very disappointed.  Jodie still has a
multitude of fans.  and all are waiting
to see her return to television.

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1988 Jodie Sweetin 1998

Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie Tanner
The Early Years
The Awkward Years
The Closing Years
Jodie Sweetin as Jodie Sweetin
Jodie Leanne Sweetin


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