From Nathan 8/22/99
Big news! Jodie is coming back to TV! She has signed up for a recurring role on Party of Five. She'll be playing Claudia's (Lacey Chebert) friend, Rhiannon. Also, she will be entering college at Chapman University in Southern California this fall. From Nathan 9/18/98
Updated the Photo Gallery Celebrity Sightings Section to the new format and added 3 new images. Added a category for other TV Appearances other than Full House

From Nathan 9/16/98
Lots of Updates and more to come. Changed the font of the main page. Changed some wording. I got a new e-mail address for this page, so mail me there. Updated the Biography Section with some more info, separated it into sections and added the Jodie section of the "Full House Poster Book" (Candace sent me the text). Added details for pictures to the Full House Groups Gallery. Updates to the other sections will come as pictures are added. The Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie Tanner Galleries have had a slight linking update. Well, that's all for now, see ya' all later.

From Nathan 7/2/98
Updated the Jodie Wallpaper & Splash Screen Page with another Splash Screen by Robin Burchard (aka Bitzy) and the wallpaper in another resolution.

From Nathan 6/27/98
The Photo Gallery works! Check it out.

From Nathan 6/25/98
Welcome to the new A Place in Our Hearts for Jodie Sweetin. Sleepless Nights is no longer maintaining this site. He abandoned it. But, because of Robin Burchard this site has re-opened and I have become the new webmaster. Candace has offered to help and she will be the other webmaster. This site has had a few changes and also some additions. Hope you enjoy it! The Picture Gallery is sort of unaccessable, because I'm still working on it. But I should be fixed up by Saturday. If you have comments e-mail me or sign the "Jodes Book".

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