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Scans from Celebrity-Sightings

Jodie in Black

Jodie with a blue jacket

Picture of Jodie in a brown dress

Jodie, looking like a detective

Jodie sitting on a patio chair

Jodie with long hair and brown jacket

Jodie with a Black T-shirt

Jodie wearing a black skirt

Nice pic of Jodie in a black jacket with long hair

jodie in front of a car

Jodie wearing a black jean-jacket

Jodie sitting down with a leopard shirt

A 10x8 glossy photo

Face-closeup, wearing a purple fir coat

Another Face-closeup

Looks like Jodie's at the hair salon

Jodie sitting on a blue mat

Jodie wearing a shiny, blue coat

Prom picture with her (now ex) boyfriend.

Prom picture with Jodie at the entrance

A nice prom picture of Jodie herself

Jodie in a purple dress looking cute (doesn't she always)

Another picture with her in the purple dress.

Another picture of Jodie in a leopard shirt.

jodie in a black shirt in front of a microphone

Jodie in a white shirt

Jodie in a brown jacket and short hair.

Jodie at the Game Show Network.

Jodie with her new boyfriend.

Jodie next to the staircase.

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