A page of Honor for Jodie Sweetin Jodie Leanne Sweetin is one of prettiest actresses ever on TV. She played the role of "Stephanie Judith Tanner" on the Full House set for 8 whole seasons. We saw her grow up before our eyes from a small girl to a teenager. When Full House was cancelled in 1995, it left many fans disappointed. But don't worry, she has began making guest appearances on shows, most importantly, Party of Five.

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From Nathan 4/20/2000
Added the Full House Desktop Theme to the Downloads Section. XOOM.com took down my original Full House Desktop Theme Site (one reason not to trust them), so I decided to put it up here. It also includes the Full House Title font.

From Nathan 3/19/2000
Some news. Jodie may not appear on Party Of Five again, but she is going to be in a music Video of UpSyndrome, a new band in Orange County, CA (Jodie's home town). Please support her

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