Here are some Jodie stuff for your Windows 95/98/NT/2000 computer.

This is a Jodie Wallpaper with images from the 8th Season of Full House and Celebrity Sightings pictures. They come in two resolutions: 640 x 480 and 800 x 600. To use them, right-click the image and choose "Save As Wallpaper".

Item Download
Jodie Wallpaper 800x600 jodeswallpaper.jpg (181 kb)
Jodie Wallpaper 640x480 jodeswallpaper.jpg (181 kb)

Splash Screens Here are Jodie Splash Screens for Windows 95 or NT. Two of them are mine which have Jodie's opening credits in Full House. The second Windows 95 Splash Screen is made by Robin Burchard.

Item Download Preview
Windows 95 Splash Screen (75.9 kb) Preview
Windows 95 Splash Screen 2 (75.9 kb) Preview
Windows NT Splash Screen (333 kb) Preview

Full House Stuff
This stuff was created for my Full House Site, but since XOOM closed it down, you can still download it here.
The Full House Desktop Theme