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Attitude adjusted
There is no particular episode or, for that matter, season when
we first detect a specific change of attitude in the character
of Stephanie Tanner. It seems that all of the sudden, Stephanie
was somehow a different person. Something had changed.
Still Stephanie Tanner
It is difficult to determine if the change was to Jodie Sweetin
or the character of Stephanie Tanner. A number of contributing
factors came into play at this time in Jodie's career.

#1 - Full House was firmly established as one of
ABC TV's top-rated shows.

Still Stephanie Tanner
#2 - Andrea Barber's character, Kimmie Kibbler, (seen in background right) was greatly expanded, giving less time to the other characters.
Stephanie Tanner
#3 - Most episodes seemed to be centered about "Uncle Jesse," and the children were given little more than walk-on parts.
Stephanie Tanner - Gotta Dance Stephanie Tanner - Gotta Dance Stephanie Tanner - Gotta Dance Stephanie Tanner - Gotta Dance
Whoa! Nice guilt-trip, Steph
In episode 102 of Full House, however,
Stephanie gets a bit more than her share
of the spotlight in "Gotta Dance."  This
featured spot on the show seemed to bring
back that missing something to the bright
character of Stephanie Judith Tanner and
maybe even, Jodie Leanne Sweetin.

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