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Jodie cut from 1st season cast photo
Thinking back,  for many of us, Jodie Sweetin stole our hearts
at this point.  Stephanie was wearing the outfit pictured at the
right,  and she was sitting on the couch in the living room when
Joey and Jesse went by with baby Michelle.  They were taking her
to the kitchen to change her diaper.  Stephanie looked at the camera
with a delightful smile and said: "It's show time!"
An irresistible face
How could anyone resist such face peering back at them?
This is not just another pretty face; this is a face of deep
inner beauty and innocence.

Despite the overwhelming "cuteness" of the Olsen Twins,
Jodie wins this contest hands down.

Thanksgiving without Pam Tanner
Joey's proclaimed "Magic of Thanksgiving" somehow bears
its fruit as the Tanner Family manage to survive their first
Thanksgiving without Mom.  They triumph over an uncooked
turkey and a dropped "picture-perfect pumpkin pie."
The little stinger
Following in her older sister's footsteps, Stephanie becomes a
"Honey-Bee" and romps around the house as a "little stinger."

We are the best that ever was,
Buzz, Buzz, Buzzz, Buzzzzzzzz, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!

Stephanie Tanner
In a contest of cuteness between D.J. and Stephanie
we see the obvious winner.  When D.J. tries out for
a commercial, it's Stephanie who gets the part as
"The Oat-Boats Girl."

No contest!

Again, Who can resist this face?
Stephanie Tanner Stephanie Tanner Stephanie Tanner
Stephanie Tanner Stephanie Tanner Stephanie Tanner

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